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Originally Posted by Wicked Lady View Post
Mine died June 23 last year.

Dunno. I've got a friend who grew up in commie Berlin. The stories he tells are kind of heartbreaking. When his grandma from West Germany used to visit, he'd sniff her clothes to get the smell of fresh bread and scented soap, as these things were hard to come by on government rations. I suppose I want to believe in a meritocracy that is also not so douchy as to refuse to take care of the less fortunate, the sick, the elderly. But that seems to be a blatant contradiction. So I'm left with "dunno", hinging on "fuck it".
I wrote a wall of text about how I am not talking about the kind of system they had in East Germany, you should slog through it.

Of course in reality capitalism rarely produces actual meritocracy anyway, since people in function will tend to promote and favor friends and family and it's networking, more than talent or skill or hard work, that leads to success.
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