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I think you're conflating wildly disparate frequencies. While culinary stuff does show up in stereotypes for lots of nationalities, it's not, at least in the American case, so hair-trigger as it is for black people with fried chicken and watermelon. Like literally black people cannot eat that shit in public without risking someone taking a photo and posting it on reddit or instagram for insta-karma with everyone lulzing because oh a black person is eating fried chicken, with no further context or anything needed to make it somehow intrinsically hilarious.

Like yeah people make racist taco jokes or whatever but I have never seen a comparable level of like, "Oh, look, an Asian person is eating pho! lololol!!11!!1eleven!" type of posts by people convinced that this was witty and harmless humor.

It's not the fact that "black people have culinary shit utilized against them by people trying to be racist."

It's the fact that "black people in America can't even fucking eat normal foods without it become a topic of conversation/spectacle."
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