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Again, I totally know how you feel. My mother moved us around so much that I keep expecting her to pick up and move us out to Alaska or something. The longest we've stayed in one town was five years and the longest we've lived in the same house was two years. Finally, my mother seems to have settled here. It's not my choice of places seeing as Minnesota is freezing in the Winter and hotter than hell in the summer, but at least I finally came out of my shell and quit worrying about other people. I'll admit, I do tend to worry more about what other people think of me than I worry about what I think of myself. It's always been that way. Oh, and that thing about being around other people is called social anxiety disorder. You can treat that naturally by staying out of crowds and away from people that make you nervous, or you can take medication for that too. Now I sound like I think pills are the magical cure for every problem, but it sounds like that is your main problem. If you got medicated for that, chances are you wouldn't need anti depressants.
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