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Xd Yea i was never in the goth club but I would follow them around playing pokemon, and when one of them had a question about anything I would give them the solution without looking up from my gameboy. Like "Did marilyn manson really cut out his rib so he could perform fellatio on himself?" to which I reply "Dude, give me your french fries right now and I wont kill you." Was I goth? Well I was just as dark for sure, well mostly because dark clothes make me look thinner duh. I knew i'd never fit in with any crowd, even the outcasts or the nerds or even the bad kids. I was a little bit of everything, and dabbled in a little of all the groups. A social chameleon if you would. Hanging out with nerds is fine if you want to hold a real conversation with someone that isn't about hot topic or how many pounds they can benchpress and what cheerleader theyre banging. Truth be told, I spent less time in school then I did in my friends car smoking blunts and yelling at people. HEY YOU! GET BACK TO CLASS BITCH! HAHAHA!
*Saunters by with a devil-may-care look in my eye.
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