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Hi everyone, I'm Simon Banks (I'm black and attractive now)
If it's one thing that i've learned it's that a good model has something about them that stands out, something that sets them apart from other models.
Whether its a shapely nose, slanted eyes, hourglass figure, or high cheekbones. Curly hair, green eyes, natural red hair, all these things I can use to make a good model. You need to learn to flaunt your unique qualities, and make them the centerpieces of your photos. I remember there was a girl in my Junior High school, Whitney Bass. Every boy had the hots for her, and no one in the school DIDN'T know who Whitney Bass. She was head cheerleader, she was the librarian's aide, she was class president. She had a full, tall body with dark eyes and long wavy jet-black hair, and the funny part was that she had prominent, dark-colored arm hair. I shit you not. She never shaved her arms, and she always wore short-sleeves to show her arms. She FLAUNTED her man-like arm hair and it worked. A model needs to stand out, those barbie doll models will never have a good picture because they use their whole body as their centerpiece, making it pornography. I wrote a poem and read it aloud in class with whitney 4 feet away in the front row of seats. "Whitney bass, whitney bass, whitney bass has a very nice ass."
That one got me into special classes, isolated from the main population. But you what, I was a model. I got up there and flaunted my insanity.
*Saunters by with a devil-may-care look in my eye.
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