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Wouldn't that be she at the end there Tiggs? Anyways in a way I know how you feel because I do have a daughter, only her mother dumped me because I had to move from there back to the state I had moved from, and I guess she couldn't handle things, which started a whole chain of events that led to us not speaking for over 4 years, and me not getting to see my little girl. Though all that did change about a week after her 4th birthday.

At any rate, what you should do will show its self sooner or later, if it hasn't already. Yes he did seem to accept you for who you are when you got together, but in many ways it just seems that he is trying to keep you around for his own gain. It kinda seems he has you by the proverbial balls, and knows it, and will not let go. Decisions, decisions.
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