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Silvers little introductions.

Well, I was sitting at home bored to death and I decided to make a thread here.

I know a lot fo you, I have been around for sometime lol* But there are still the people that I don't know and usually don't get the chance to talk to, I have made this thread to get to know some of you better and for you to get to know me...this is one of the 'hang out threads'

Feel free one and all to come in and have a around and just generally be my guest

I'll break the ice:

I am SilverNymph, some of you know my is Jenni for those that don't.
I am 22 and I live in the UK.

as for the rest we will get to that as and when more people come along and I get to know you all

*Hugs and Love*

SilverNymph XXxx
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