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Saturday... the day after Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday.

Well, it looks like Jordyn and I aren't going to meet. But that's ok. She called and told me, regrettably, that she wouldn't be able to make it. Well, I know what she sounds like.

At the time, I was driving home from going and buying a new tire from a local salvage yard. I had picked up a 9-inch metal spike the day before that had wasted my tire. So I didn't get to work and am therefore short on cash anyhow.

Also to report, Harry and I have both been denied the aprtment we applied for. By some fucked up calculation of theirs, we actually make more money than is allowed for people to live there. Oh fuckin' well.

Tonight, a friend of mine called and told me that he was having a party over at his place and that I should come over after work. Well, I drove over there and on the way I saw a couple police cruisers fly by and head toward his place. Out of instinct I called him and told him that police were coming towards his place and (since he is under 21 and definitely drinking) that he should run or hide.

I pulled across the street in time to see the cops walking to his house. I watched as they entered the place and waited for a while before leaving my vehicle and entering the house myself. There were a lot of people over there but I did not see my friend, to whom the place belonged. After a while, the police left, no one charged with anything. Apparently there had been a noise disturbance or something. I found my friend a bit later, hiding in the crawlspace with some girl.

A couple of people I knew who had been at another party I'd also attended bitched at me and told be not to act so belligerent to the police anymore... at least while they were there. Ass holes... they think that the cops would give them harsher punishments if someone acts up. Well, we're all over 21... there's not much that they could do. These guys are just being pussies. I fucking hate people.

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