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Originally Posted by thefr0g View Post
Well... I mean you've gotta tell it now...
Different story instead of the baby.
We as in my co worker and myself had gotten dig orders for a cremation. So we go out I lay the lot out as the SOP goes. I asked my supervisor if we should hand dig or use the back hoe, he says use the hoe! So I went in for the 2nd scoop and crunch. Ben screams at me to stop so I stop. Shreds of her little dress were hanging on the hooks of the bucket. Then I had to look at the damage and there she was, black as a burnt doll. All peacefully resting. I cried alot. She had originally been buried in the wrong spot and no one checked like they were supposed to. So we put her in a new casket and reburied her. I had nightmares about getting her out of the casket and her eyes opening at me screaming like an infant. PTSD like a muthafucka

So it's getting closer to halloween i'm fuckin excited!! I'm starting a Chucky marathon with my gf too She wants me to dress like a total whore with smeared makeup and ripped up clothes. I'm so excited!!!!
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