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Hey sorry life is giving you a hard time man, but I am pleased you and the X have patched things up and are friends again. She's a nice person and a good one to call friend.

I hope the other things work out, I really do. I know all about the drug issuse first hand as I have seen many people I care for go that way an it is hard to watch. All I can say is that if you really care for them you need to be there for them and be strong cos friendship is probablly the most important thing in this world.

If you need to talk you can always drop me a PM, its no problem even if its just to rant and rave and blow some steam off. I don't mind I will listen and be a sounding board if you need.

Enjoy the party and just forget things while you are there and relax and take a well deserved breather, we all deserve some hppiness in our lives.

Take care,

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