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I'm wondering what age kids it's aimed at helping if it is a therapist's guide. Too young and explaining things like having a need for their father's love resulting in feelings for other kids of the same gender would confuse them not help them. Some adults think kids are stupid and shouldn't have anything explained to them, but others go off the other end of the spectrum and try to explain adult things to them that they a) don't have the references for in order to be able to understand and b) shouldn't know about at a young age because the timespan in which children can be without responsibility and worries about the world around them is becoming saddeningly shortened. I don't think you need to be a child psychologist to realise that if those things happen at a very young age it would be better for the child's mental health to have a lot of comfort and reassurance that they didn't do anything wrong and to leave the more detailed explanations until they're older.
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