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Originally Posted by Deshevil07
Just wondering out of curiousity. Since I don't like to talk much in general and the sight of people just make me want to vomit and toss poo at them, I thought I use a more antisocial method by posting.


1)What environmental issues are you concerned about and why?

2)Do you apply your morals when you think about this?

What were your morals based on?

4)How do you apply them?

5)Would you say you are an ethical person?

If I can think of other questions, I'd be sure to post them.
1) The continuing infringement on freedom and property rights by the tree hugging nutjobs who run the EPA.

2) Yes

Personal and economic freedom.

4) In every way, in my personal life, and my political opinions.

5) Yes. My morals are superior to all others. Aren't yours?
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