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("...thanks, I am never on a site that I don't like, that would be pointless..." mentioned the goblin again)

repost from some religious thread, elsewhere

"...ah yes, that word "faith" again, but you don't know do you, so what do you actually really know mortals, that you are here, yes, and that your "journey to self", journey to death too, is evident, simply all around you now is indisputable as your "dailylife" is it not, and you could say that you are just the sum total of the trappings of your "dailylife" here..." mentioned the goblin, thinking "dailylife" as ones age, how one looks in the mirror, status, money in the bank, etc., continuing "...but me, I know that I am more than that because I keep facing this slot trying to make posts, not as some religion but as a counter conditioning process to "dailylife", that after a while, I just see myself from what I post...", the goblin paused, then concluded "...look, "knowing" is all you can go on, and you can make pacts with the faiths, just as you can accept the trappings of "dailylife" as its total, and even amass those trinkets of the moneygod too if you like, but in the end you'll still be asking yourself "where am I in all this", won't you mortal, because "believing" is accepting faith for truth just because you have been told to do so, or that it is written as such somewhere, where in fact your duty is to know, so that "your journey to self" is simply "to know for yourself", not faith then..."

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