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Originally posted by heartsicle
apathy. guilt is temporary and traceable and usually curable.

Classic Pooh or Disney Pooh?
Disney Pooh.

Originally posted by druidess
that is a very good point i never thought of before. I was actually wondering if it would be considered rude to shoot yourself with full knowledge your partner would find you and have to deal with that, and if so would it be polite to leave an extra bullet? Off topic there sorry and a little morbid too.

Being deaf, I have seen alot in my life and could go without seeing anymore pain and suffering, as long as I could still listen to rock and roll.

What's worse?
Cheating and being caught
Catching your partner cheating
Thank you kindly.
It seems that would be rude, a little fucked up too.
Im not sure about the extra bullet thing though.. I might perhaps leave my mate some quick acting poison that would result in a painless death instead. But Id much rather commit the act with my partner, and go together. And no worries, I am not squeamish about morbid thoughts.

Good choice on the last one. Being deaf would be much worse I agree, being a metal and rock fan myself.

hmm... thats a tough one.

Id have to say catching your partner cheating.

Whats worse...

Having no free will


No free speech

EDIT: sorry to repeat myself but my post got posted over.
Gaia impaled on their horns and their lances
the fumes from her body give chase
As the strong of blind men savour the scent,
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"Sunwind strokes the Electroheart,
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stream launching the binary vessels"

Vanities in extreme formations
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of our dying Jester race
-In Flames; The Jester Race

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