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Originally posted by heartsicle
Eating pig skin raw would be worse. Though being wedged between fat people can be singularly icky, bloody raw pig skin in your mouth is a whole new texture I think I'd rather not experience.

What's worse: Stepping in something that was obvioulsy some animals bodily function with bare feet, or having to listen to NSync for 5 minutes.
Listening to Nsync for 5 minutes.

Whats worse...

Having an elephant sitting on your face...


Having a bunch of electric eels stuck in your pants while you are wearing them
Gaia impaled on their horns and their lances
the fumes from her body give chase
As the strong of blind men savour the scent,
dream dead from prosaic and hate


"Sunwind strokes the Electroheart,
ignition roars through the corridors
stream launching the binary vessels"

Vanities in extreme formations
ride into tommorrows rigid great face
the machinary outlives the futile scripts
of our dying Jester race
-In Flames; The Jester Race
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