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Originally posted by MoodSwing
wow shy shy ......its about time you get pissed off!!!!!
go turbo!!......i see your point though very well i see it!!!!!
what pisses me off today

1. my father he is a peice of shit mother fucking queer.......i only use him for money (i know it sounds bad but its all he is worth)(really)
2.boys can they ever make up their damn minds??? NO
3.mean drunk people
4.mucho burps(yucki)
5. when you rent a movie and it looks really good and turns out to be a lezbo stupid ass movie (that just happend tonight)GRRR... fat rolls!!(LOL)
7.white people who think their black i hate it so so so so much!! hello your white!!!!!!
8.last but not least drama queens people who have to make stuff up to get some drama going!
Hehe yeah i can get pissed off and its very rare to see me that way. Just because you never see me mad doesn't mean that i could be that way.

I also agree with number 7 that pisses me the fuck off as well. Hey but you gotta love drama once in a while.
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