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what pisses me off...... hmmmm well......

mom-we never get along and we never will, and she is increadibly LAZY
dad - he does absolutly nothing when my mom and i get into a fight.
them both- they both cant help me, they both annoy the hell outta me, they both won't get there heads out of their assas and see that i'm a TEEN not a fuck'n toddler
brothers-they both r so nieve and annoying and one of them is a fuck'n greedy little basterd who is go'n strai to hell(i've made him reservations)(arn't i nice?!)
my 6yr.sis- she acts like her shit don't stink, she is gonna be the biggest prep, and she CAN'T sing DO YOU HEAR ME ...CAN'T!!
My moms family-for always try'n to fuck up MY life and no body elses, but then again you know i can't say that cuz,"they made me"yeah fuck'n right! they can all just fuck off
My dads family - for letting me know right from the spot that different isn't acceptible for a fuck'n aldrich. and for makin me feel like shit even more when i come home accompanied by an officer and they tell me thet i'm a fuck'n worthless piece of shit and they wish'd i was never born.
the preps at school-for just piss'n me off so much all these long fuck'n years you really think i wanted to have to live here with you all??!!fuck no!!
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