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Hey Kiddies!

[color=sky blue]Whats happenin Chica ?...

Nice to see ya here hun! I didn't know all you kiddos were

going to come and visit my new little home! But I'm sure

glad you have. I've hung all my paintings and moved in all

my most comfy overstuffed chairs, with nice warm wobbies to

cover up and stay nice and warm. The fire is burning in the

fireplace. A huge bowl of buttered popcorn is on the coffee

table with the fudgre and cookies. help yourself to the hot-

chocolate or tea (do you take sugar?). The music is playing

softly in the background. My bookshelfs are stocked to

overflowing with almost anything you can want ............

Now wouldn't it have been sad, if nobody came to visit me ?

Come back and visit anytime you pass this way ! and if I'm

not home just come on in and get comfy, i'll most likeky be

right back, real soon....................................Ma!...[/color]

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