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Let's all embarrass Chaos.....

Here it is, folks, a peek into the life and mind of Chaos Creator when he was in HighSchool. This is a letter he gave to me:

Heyhowzitgoin? Fookin' gruvin' here. I'm in a damn good mood. Some people would probably say that I'm hyper, but I'm not. Hyperness is just me being normal. But when I get hyper now... watch out. I'll be like bouncing off the walls and stuff.
So how are you? I'm bored off me arse. By the way, would you like to touch my monkey (::spoken in an English accent:? If yes, please press one now...
If no, please press two now...
If you are undecided, please press three now....
If you would like more information about monkey touching, please press four now...
If you need operator assistance, please stay on the line and operator will abduct you shortly.
Mr. Sanford used one of the Confucious jokes today: "man who stand on commode is high on pot."
What the hell is the difference btween the numbers on the pencils?? #1 pencil, #2 pencil, #3 pencil, # who-really-gives-a-flying-fuck-pencil. What does all that mean? Is there some covert experiment with pencils and that's how they tell what type we're using? "Look at the affects on users of #2 pencils compared to those of #3 pencils." "Damn! They're growing extra testicles!" "Should we deem this pencil a success or failure?" "Depends on your viewpoint"
That very conversation is going on in some sealed bunker 2 miles below the earth's surface under the area of Siberia, Russia. Russia, who we are secretly trading nuclear arheads with, knows about it and has their own bunker under Backroads, Tennessee...
Well, N-E-way, As you can tell, I'm quite bored. And one thing... every time my fingers touch brains I'm superfly TNT. I'm the guns of the Navaronne.
Well, I guess I'll talk to ya later. Bye

The wild regrets and the bloody sweats
None knew so well as I;
For those who live more life than one
More deaths than one must die.
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