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I hadn't really considered it that way, but you're right. They turned a full season story arc into a throwaway one-liner. And as the original video post states... why is Arya such a badass? She spent a season getting beat up and stabbed, not actually training. Why did she, for a moment, seem so eager to kill Sansa? I thought the whole reason she ditched the faceless men was because she wanted to be Arya Stark. Was that whole threatening scene just to set the stage for the "twist"?

Like wouldn't it have been compelling to find evidence of Sansa's colluding with the Lannisters, and show Arya actually fighting an internal battle, and comparing it to the things she's had to do to survive? Maybe a conversation with Littlefinger where he steers her to that conclusion and we actually see Arya struggle with the fact that her reunion with her sister is short lived. But no, that would cut into the precious screen time we need to show dragons setting boats on fire, and sweeping shots of big armies for the 4000th time. Oh, and also setting up the grossest relationship in all of TV with Jon and Danaerys.

Which, by the way, I'm not even the slightest bit invested in. The show sets it up like it's some slow-burn romance that has been building for seasons. This isn't Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls) or Pacey and Joey (Dawson's Creek). These people met, eyefucked each other, then decided they had to bang, consequences be damned. I did not want them to be together, and everybody who did only did so because of the Fire & Ice "coolness" factor. There's no compelling story reason for them to be together. It isn't a romance, it's incest for the sake of incest.

It's like every complaint I have leads to another complaint, and I could fall down this spiral forever.

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