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Originally Posted by Sic Simon View Post
Do you scissor with your girlie friend?

usually once or twice a day. or eating each other out. we work together too. i don't know what she is going to do when i start school. half the time i'm enjoying our relationship and the other half i wish my brains would get blown out. i've been through a substantial amount in my life already and it's taking most of what i have to keep it together. it's so easy to look happy to everyone! and usually people can't tell i'm being sarcastic. lesbians fuck alot, and sleep around, especially the bar scene. and gays and lesbians don't generally get along too well. throw in some transgender folk to the mix it just gets crazy. lots and lots of sensitivity. when i was younger i would goto group therapy. then realized its a total waste of time and everyone just complains about their lives. never really making any change of anything. then i started thinking why are these groups getting money for helping other people when they really aren't proactively helping them.
it's fucking crazy. i'm tall and thin, 5'11", 38b, blue eyes. she keeps telling me she doesn't deserve me and yadda yadda. just be happy i'm here.
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