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Originally Posted by thefr0g View Post
So name some damn bands!

I was really into metal and only metal when I was a youngster. Now I listen to any genre that speaks to me. Which is most of them.
my girl likes alot of different styles too. i totally understand how you say it speaks to you. I like winter settings and dark music. The mountains call to me in the winter it's weird how drawn i am. and speaking of mountains i just watched missing 411 a very interesting documentary about the people who go missing in federal parks. lots here in colorado. i also didn't know police usually have to wait 48 hours before they are allowed on the land to start search parties because the park rangers have teams for search and rescue. there has been a big call for a list and the parks aren't even interested. kinda creepy if you ask me. we are planning a winter hike/camp for this year probably around christmas. neither of us celebrate holidays so we can get away while others are with family. i know how to read topography so we wont get lost.
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