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Bullying "Happens?"

About ten years ago, I saw a therapist who gave me some advice which was helpful. However, some of her advice was, in my opinion, bogus and actually hurtful.

When I was in elementary and high school, I was just a skinny little kid who was bullied a lot.

Her advice to me was that bullying "happens," as she put it.

If getting bullied is no big deal, then why is it that you hear about students getting picked on and beat up a lot, and then one day they bring a shotgun to school and try to kill everybody?

A few years ago, I was reading a true story about a kid who was beaten up on the school yard. A few hours later, he went home and committed suicide.

In this day and age where you hear about the terrible consequences of bullying on a regular basis on the evening news, it's ignorant for anyone to think that bullying "happens."

But for a person with a Ph.d in psychology, of all things, to think that bullying isn't a serious, talk about ignorant.

This therapist told me that she was bullied some during high school. However, while it was an unpleasant experience for her, it wasn't something she found as traumatic for her.

So because she didn't find bullying to be traumatic, then that means that nobody else who is bullied finds it to be traumatic?

Talk about bogus advice.
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