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As Long As My Bitches Love Me

People have told me that I'm antisocial, but they're might ignorant IMO. Maybe they don't understand the social standpoint that Aquarians take, but I mingle as much as the next man - when I get out of my comfort zone. I mingle in my own way. Unlike the Leo, who loves the spotlight, I lurk in the shadows, ready with comic relief or an introspective question. What if? How does it work? Group interaction is part of the Aquarian's needs, and I meet that need on my own terms.
Unlike Leo, I don't want to be loved. I don't care if you like me. I want to go there, cross that line, and make you question you own beliefs, morals, and opinions. I am flexible - I can see either side of any argument - and I choose to embrace solidarity in neither side. I'm often hated on but I keep it real, I keep it one hundred, and I could care less if I'm unworthy of your love, that is, as long as my bitches love me.
I could care less about the plastic praise that I get from the haters when they want something that I got; or they want me to think that they're real or they're down to ride. I got no respect for all that, but I got infinite respect for my fans and my true friends - those niggas that stay down from day one and respect me for doing how I do.
You ain't gotta tell me you love me if you do, cuz I can see how you feel by the way you act, how you hold yourself when you think I ain't watching. I'm sitting back taking in everything, but I'm not judging you, I'm just taking notes and going on the way I feel about it, because no one's demeanor is written in stone, and that same person that was acting a fool five minutes ago could blow your fucking mind and be the most straight up, real ass nigga you ever met. So you do you, and hate a lot if that's your prerogative, but only expect my respect if you're giving me yours.
I've had money in my life, and it's true when they say money ain't a thing. Don't get me wrong cuz I stay on my hustle 24/7 and I make sure I get mine, but it's my love of being productive that drives me. I give no fucks about profit margins or economic trends. I stick to the basics when I grind, and by grind I mean grind the pavement, I mean invest mine in order to make that dollar, whether business ain't running smoothly or it's poppin' off.
A lot of motha fuckas might be hatin' on me when they see I got something they don't, but I ain't tripping cuz I know I put in sweat and pain to get it. There's alot of hatin' going on but that shit is below me. The whole world could hate on me, and that would be A-ok as long as my bitches love me. Stay true to yourself and tell em how you feel. Mad love.
*Saunters by with a devil-may-care look in my eye.
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