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What do you guys do for a living; A dolie scum currently working toward becoming a door supervisor

How is your average day spent?
7am Some bird offended me by running around on the roof above my head
7am Grunted at birds they then shut up
8am Rolled over
9am Asleep
10am Waking up 5 mins before my alarm alarm goes off
11am If nothing really planned that day I sleep for longer and have crazy dreams
11:10am I get up have a shower and see what people are upto
11:55am I have nicotine, caffeine
1pm <<< Insert Crazy Event(s) Of That Day Here
3-5am Goto Sleep

I have been unemployed for 2 years now, but I have done many types of voluntary work including customer service, steward work, writing reviews, photography at events, drawn art, attended music events, litter picking, Organising CL, helping out at gigs EXT
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