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Me again!

Well now that I'm allowed to create a new thread, i can (try to) introduce myself.
You probably don't give a shit but i don't have anything else to do right now anyway so here i am. And if you don't care, juste don't read the post.

As you know, i come from a country full of fuckers.
I'm 22, still a student in a stupid university about international business studies and all that crap. I hate it but i don't know what else I could do, I hate all the fucking assholes-douchebags-creep-nerds who are in my class and I bet that every single one of them hate me as much as i hate them, probably because i remind them all the time how stupid and helpless they are. I think they don't like that. If I had a gun I would shoot them all.

My main hobby is photography. Love black and white.
I used to be a comic-strips artist but now i don't have time anymore.

I love travelling, that's why i'm in guatemala, doing some reforestation volunteer project.

I like heavy/black/doom/trash/death/symphonic/gothic/pagan metal (mostly bands from northern europe), celtic/irish music, hard rock...

What else...I love litterature, especially american and british litterature.
My favorite author is Brett Easton Ellis.

Well if you want to know more, juste ask me.

I like this forum, you don't seem to be a whole banch of fucking stupid assholes, i like the way you're answering, it makes me smile.

Oh and I'm very cynical and love black humor.

"I'm coming back from Central Park where, near the children's zoo, close to the spot I murdered the McCaffrey boy, I fed portions of Ursula's brain to passing dogs."
(American Psycho, BEE)
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