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Friends Or Foes????

Did You Ever Have One Of Those Friends Betray you? Or Have Them Say there On Your Side And the next Thing You Hear is There Hanging With Timmy in the well? You Know what I Mean Rite? Or How about One Of Those Bitches Who claim You Had Known Them For Life Like 5 Or 9 Yrs And She was the one You Could vent To But She Used You For A Place To stay Until She Used you For whatever She Could Take.stole Money,Smoke all Of your Moms Cigs Got Clamida From her ex Whom Mistreats Her And she says Oh I Will Never Be with him again i promise, But Shes Gone Once again? Tell Me Are those Friends To You?
Jareth: Everything I've done, I've done for you. I move the stars for no one. Jareth: Your eyes can be so cruel, just as I can be so cruel.
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