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Originally Posted by Wicked Lady View Post
If you aren't posting for the benefit of someone reading it, and as you say you store your replies elsewhere, why not just type all this crap into a Word doc, save it to your HD, and read it while you wank?
"...well a lot has to do with the reason I gave before on this thread about being actively engaged by people who don't read my replies anyway, or it's more likely, ah and this is probably going to amaze you now, because I use both hands when I type, yes that's right, you've actually now come across someone who doesn't just use one index finger that is..." replied the goblin knowing that wicked lady's post was hardly for the goblin's benefit either, "...never said that I don't read your posts, I do, promise, just that this text I am writing now, I am not writing for you, whereas you have already shown me that you do neither of those for me then..."

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