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Originally Posted by fleamailman View Post
"...admittedly your point was more like points and rather a lot of them and a bit all over the place for that matter..." "...admit it, you bored without me now MYAHAHAHAHA, I love this thread too then..."

repost from a writer's site elsewhere, their "welcome new members" thread

the goblin showed, regally welcomed the new member to this site, and then had the bad habit of losing himself looking across the bistro floor at a child propped in a babychair who in turn, and in big eyed baby sort of way, was looking back at the goblin, "
...her trick is to drop the toy on the floor for someone to pick up, to which someone naturally picks it up, placing it in her little hand with some "aren't you cute" uttering and a smile...", to which moments later, and after she has licked the toy clean again, she looks around to see if her next target is game.
And just extends her arm in that slow deliberate way letting the toy slip from her fingers, of course someone will pick it up for her in a moment.
" see in writing, if you do what is expected, as and when it is expected of you too, you will not be noticed..."
Kinda cleared that up for folks to actaully get an idea of WTF you were trying to type.
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