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Originally Posted by Lenina View Post
The goblin stands at the counter and looks into the casheers eyes, as he places a gay pornographic magazine onto the polished white counter and says in a high pitched, homosexual voice: 'Hello, I was just wondering if you could assist me on finding a shimmery pack of savory goods, they are baked and they crunch whenever you bite your teeth down on them, the pack may look blue if they are Lays but green if they are Macoy's, depending upon the brand fair lady, I would like to tantalise my taste buds with some cheddar cheese and spring oninon, not organic but just correctly flavoured enough for me to be satisfied with the burst of mixed savory that will invade my mouth once I devour one.'
the goblin liked it, saying "...actually I felt this was your best bit so far, but one sees clearly that you are unpracticed at it, that is since nobody can just start writing in third person, and that if someone wants to be a writer then they have to write in third person for years before it flows naturally...", and with that the goblin posted an example

repost from elsewhere

"...and so, may we have the next contestant please..." the goblin smiled while the lights and camera turned to a new face smiling, she seemed a little tense but alert while he approached her, "...well hello there miss, and let's give a big round of applause for..." the goblin passed the mike towards "...Lenina..." as the clapping starts and she shivers shyly the goblin says his ditty "...nice to meet you, to meet you..." as the audience shout out "...nice..." the goblin continues "...OK, Lenina are you alright, you remember the rules of our little game then, the curtains will open you have ten seconds to memorize everything you see, then we'll close the curtains and anything you can remember is yours, it's as simple as that, you're not nervous I hope...", she looks across to the goblin "...well flea a bit really, but I will do my best, promise..." and with that the great curtains open while the audience counts the seconds down on the clock "...ten, nine, eight, seven..." frantically her mind made a quick picture as her finger pointed to where the televisions, cameras, laptops, and the car were, somehow she knew she could win this "...three, two, one..." the curtains dropped together "...well Lenina, the big question, can you tell everyone what you remember then...", "...well goblin..." she starts with excitement and then bursts out "...there's that Batwoman mask, that sensuous thin riding crop, the super sexy tight leather corset with uplifting cups, oh and those pointed high heals, that pair of handcuffs, and I think I saw a black hood with matching black swimming trunks .." the fingers of her hands clutch together in expectation to the goblin who, turning to the audience again, says "...oh and didn't she do well folks..." as, a bit confused, the goblin dashes behind the curtain to check for himself just in case she was right
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