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your pseudo intellectual comments
"..that term presupposes that there is a precise line here between "intellectual" and "none intellectual", but that soon falls apart on inspection as "intellectual" means "of the mind" and yet every written word is a representation of some concept is it not, simply it is "of the mind" to be literate here or you couldn't read this then..." mentioned the goblin, adding " if one adds "pseudo" to this misdemeanor , the second problem crops up, in that it presupposes that the person judging it has to be either, intellectual enough to be able to judge a fellow intellectual here, or not intellectual enough to judge then, that is, either "I am an intellectual so you are not one" or "you must be an intellectual because I am not one", either way it reflects more on the accuser's ineptness here than on accused who would simply reply "well, which is it then, are you an intellectual, or not one, to be making this accusation"..."

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