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Originally Posted by hekau718 View Post
Why do you write so long texts in Every Damn Post !?

For example we don't need to read the "replied the goblin bathing in fire again, continuing" part since yar just sitting in front of a comp and scratch yar balls ! :@
"...there are many advantages in writing in third person, such as dialog for example, narration too, in third person on can use many characters to donate oneself even and in unison too..." mentioned the goblin posting an example of third person dialog by the same author

repost from elsewhere

" you think I talk to myself slot...", " goblin you've got the muse and me to talk to, but mind you what with innerman lamenting the superficiality of outerman, and outerman craving "this, that, and the next thing", the wonder is not if you do actually talk to yourself, it's more how you can ever get a word in edgeways...", "...hello you two..." said the muse who popped in from the back room "..I heard that, is that you goblin worrying about whether you talk to yourself then...", ", well I, um...""...yep, he sure is, muse...", the slot had noticed the goblin was seated looking down at his shoes woefully, the muse put her hands down on his shoulders from behind him "...there there goblin I am sure you're not talking to yourself, any schizophrenic will tell you that much...", the man in the mirror found the whole image rather appealing as the goblin lifted his hand to his shoulder placing it on hers saying "...thanks muse but...", "...goblin..." she moved around the chair to look at him clearly, then, placing a lone finger on his lips as only a woman could do, spoke softly "...anyone can post but only mad people make interesting posters, leave sanity for shallow people, we're different...", "...that's better Your Madnessty..." joked the slot as the goblin started typing his hapless posts again
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