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Intelligence... YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

Tell you what, I don't need a long winded, bullshit, third person, pseudo intelligent post to get my point across...

I don't like you, I am glad I could clarify that.

You want me to write a fucking thesis on you being a twathole?

You come across as a wanker, I suggest that you refrain from looking up websites that contain anything regarding porn (Yes, the penis goes in that hole), anything on computers (You know shit anyway) or your online RPG where you think you are a fucking goblin and contemplate leaving your grandmothers basement at some point.
I would love to be there when that happens, mainly because I would like to see you talk in third person to anyone on the street and I would also like to see you hit them with your pseudo intellectual comments. They will also think you are a fuckhole.
Honestly! I think you have a danger of boring someone to death, I mean, if you want a bag of cheese and onion crisps from a shop, do you actually go in and say:

The goblin stands at the counter and looks into the casheers eyes, as he places a gay pornographic magazine onto the polished white counter and says in a high pitched, homosexual voice: 'Hello, I was just wondering if you could assist me on finding a shimmery pack of savory goods, they are baked and they crunch whenever you bite your teeth down on them, the pack may look blue if they are Lays but green if they are Macoy's, depending upon the brand fair lady, I would like to tantalise my taste buds with some cheddar cheese and spring oninon, not organic but just correctly flavoured enough for me to be satisfied with the burst of mixed savory that will invade my mouth once I devour one.'

See how fucking stupid that sounds!?! Fucking twathole, stop being a fucking twathole.

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