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the goblin thank Lenina for her post, suggestions, etc. and just posted something that might clarify things a bit here

repost form elsewhere

"...if one starts vetting members on who is, or isn't, liked, then before long only the admin remains, seeing that no one can be liked by everyone that is..." mentioned the goblin, adding "...a site, where members openly bitch, flame, and spam, is unlikely to have people posting content for fear of being targeted by those same members...", in fact, the goblin was anonymous, he had nothing to prove nor defend here, but he did laugh seeing the remark of made before openly asking everyone to spam some other forum, " mean "less than we see on this site" then..." jested the goblin again, somehow knowing that perhaps if one hit out at a noob on another forum, that was really cheap, yes, but understandable to someone who is cheap minded, but if one does that on this forum too, then one betrays the forum bleeding away its new members

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