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the goblin showed up

"...hi..." said the goblin breaking the ice, continuing "...bear with me and all will be revealed in my posts whereas, if you do not read my posts, what point is there in my introduction here, no I won't spoil it for you, if you want to know, the person behind this mask that is, you'll gleam it for sure humans in what I write...", at which point the goblin asked in return "...besides, who can prove who they say they are on the Internet, not me for one, and anyway, I'm not really sure at this point if the man in the mirror, his docile family life and all the other trappings should be here at all, not if it is an "Internet self" I am creating for myself...", the girl walked calmly down the rows of bistro tables, coffee in hand ready to refuel the goblin's brain further, outside the rain poured away the last of the city's grime in a torrent of repetition, and all was hard fact "dailylife", "...and you would have me be this then, but my imagination is boundless mortals..." called the goblin across the ether as he slipped away to the awaiting Internet, so this then was him

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