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Originally Posted by Sik Simon View Post
I am definitely interested. The shit interests me most.
" you wish then..." said the goblin posting something about it

repost from elsewhere, something written in Winter

"...well there are goblins and goblins, not all of them are bad though, some of them like myself can be quite friendly..." said the goblin not knowing what to write next, something about himself perhaps, about being a working father living in Geneva, etc., though all that was his "dailylife" self and had hardly any barring as to who he actually was inside, ", the trouble with the Internet is that, once one is here, one starts to sees oneself as two diverging selves, that is, one sees ones "dailylife" self as something like a series of downhill retrenchments that leaves one ever more incapacitated and alone, as opposed to ones "Internet" self which grows with practice, becoming ever more capable, fluid and imaginative as the years pass..." the goblin reached over the table for his coffee cup which no doubt would fuel his next bit, continuing " does it boils down to this question then, "is the written work the author while the author is still writing it", so isn't this author then the part I play here for myself on this masked ball of the Internet, surely, since that "Internet" self, which I hide in my "dailylife" has just as much right to claim to be me as the person reflected in the mirror does doesn't it, simply both mes are me like two sides of the same coin aren't they mortals...", but by now the goblin's coffee was drunk, the question too, at this point sounded as intrusive as the air that slowly peculated through the walls, perhaps even underlining the view form the window of this unforgiving iced up city held firmly trapped under the bitterest of freezingly cold stark days, trapped in real life, "...oh no, that is not all of me then, I am more than this "dailylife" outside of me..." concluded the goblin continuing here as if to prove that fact to himself, that his Internet self was him too if not moreso even

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