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Originally Posted by Sik Simon View Post
She posted a whole 11 times wow!
Darkforum news correspondent Sik Simon here with a report I like to 'Flamer gets burned'.

Let's go to a witness who saw what happened on that fateful day in 2006. Dr. Giggles?

Dr. Giggles: Hehheheheheh.
Sik Simon: Hello Mr. Giggles.
Dr. Giggles: Doctor, doctor giggles.
Sik Simon: Oh ok whatever. Anyways, reports claim that you were the mastermind behind the extermination of the so-called 'bitch' of 2006.
Dr. Giggles: HEHEHE yes, well there was this bitch and she said, I quote: "I'm a bitch."
Sik Simon: Ok then what happened?
Dr. Giggles: Well I had to respond, I just said "Well now, did you know I kill bitches hehehehehe?" Then she looked confused like she didn't understand English or something.
Sik Simon: She didn't respond?
Dr. Giggles: No she didn't! I was surprised, but not as surprised as her when I stabbed her in the jugglar with a stainless steel scalpel.
Sik Simon: AH! I understand now! So it wasn't a metaphor! You really do kill bitches?!
Dr. Giggles: Of course. I'm quite literal when I speak. Hehe.

Sik Simon: Well ok we're gonna have to cut you off there Mr. Giggles, you're fucking scaring me. Anyways, this has been another episode of 'Bitches getting stabbed'. I'm Sik Simon, wishing you a happy Memorial Day. Stay stabbin!
What station is that on? I'd be tunin in all the time for sure.

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