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Originally Posted by Shijin View Post
If you think a forum is going downhill, you have no-one to blame but yourself or possibly the lack of testicles on certain forum leaders to apply a little guidance to regulars posting bullshit drunken crap to newbies ? Na that would -imply you dont know what the fuck you are doing good heavens think you just got bitch slapped by a beeecth take that welcome shove it up sideways fucker ooops thats language unbefitting of a newbie got to wait till i amass 30,000 sheckels or drunk which ever comes first second thought think i will find a poetry forum leave the reality shit to those who cater to it best.


"If it stinks check your own underwear before you point the finger "

-Bitch newcomer
We don't enforce harsh posting rules here, we let people just say whatever they want. Freedom of speech and all that. All I do as a forum leader is make sure stuff is in the right place (for instance bitchy and insulting and attacking content goes to the 'Mayhem Board') and that there's no double postings so that things are working and looking good. If you're looking for sunshine and rainbows and for people to make sure everyone plays nice with safe foam bats and twee lovey dovey myspace whorings and brown-nosing lovecrap, you're in the wrong place. How about growing those balls you talk about yourself and stand up for yourself? Nobody here will do it for you.

Here's a bit of guidance from a forum leader, since (apparently) that's my job here. Firstly, read my posts. We have a bitch board here, it's called 'Mayhem' that's where the attacking goes on. You are welcome to post a thread about how retarded our moderators and leaders (which you obviously know so much about) in there, and bitch to your heart's content. Please, go there and do it. It's fun to read and everyone enjoys joining in.

Secondly, get your grammar and spelling sorted when you're trying to post angry shit like that. Your wording of what you are saying gives your post entirely different meanings from what it seems you are trying to say, which immediately makes your argument defunct.

Good day, and welcome to DarkForum.

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