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Attention I Found a Bit of a Bug/Glitch

Ok, I'm not really sure how I found this out but I did somewhere along the line.

You know at everybody's profile screen there's a "Friends" section? Once you add them to your buddy list that isn't enough to add them to that part of your profile.

This can only be done on the "Darkforum v4" skin, since it seems to be the only one with the "Friend Requests" link in the UCP:

Add the user you want to be friends with and have their picture in your profile to your buddy list to show that you're good friends with that person.
Then, and only then, apparently there's something that's sent to that member within the "Darkforum v4" skin (it only seems to work on that one and the link seems to only be in that skin. Not sure why the links are different with each skin.)
To see it, go to your UCP, and at the bottom of the page under "Miscellaneous" should be the "Friend Requests" link. Click on it and the rest I don't really have to explain seeing as it's pretty easy to do.

I just thought I'd bring this to the administrators' attention. I don't know if you did it on purpose, or if someone balready brought it up or what, but I figured I'd let you know just in case. So... hope I helped!!
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