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Song Name Game

I picked this up from another forum. Uhm... rules... right...

Write the name of a song by a band with the part of a word or words from the song posted before you in it. Example:

Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
Dead Girl Superstar - Rob Zombie OR Otsego Undead - Static-X

It can have part of the word within a word of the song name. Like "Otsego Undead" to "Living Dead Girl".

This "same name" rule applies to words like "of" and "the".
Scum of The Earth - Rob Zombie
Land of Confusion - Disturbed

And if there are stars in the name but you think you know what the word is, then just treat them like the word you have in mind.

As far as numbers, they can be in both forms. 1 and "One" Etc...

Get it? Alright, looks like I get to kick it off... How about...

I Want to F****** Break It - Static-X
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