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Buddy/Ignore List won't work.

Yeah.. um... I tried to add a buddy to my list, but nothing showed up. All of the other links and the rest of the page loaded, but not the lists. And when I click "Add to Buddy List" in someone's profile it just does the same thing. Is that something wrong on my end or the forum's coding? .. It's just been pissing me off a lot, so I figured I'd try to stab at it here. Will someone tell me what in the holy frozen hell is going on? It's driving me fucking insane. I keep clicking, and clicking, and clicking, and pissing myself off more. Help, please!
To be as close as science will let us and in an elemental sense, the average adult male, 5'11", 167lbs, is composed of: water (35 liters), carbon (20kg), amonia (4 liters), lime (1.5kg), phosphorus (800g), salt (250g), saltpeter (100g), sulfur (80g), fluorine (7.5g), iron (5g), silicon (3g), and 15 other trace amounts of other elements.
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