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Gross Standard hello title

Hi forum!
I'm a budding musician in two bands (Evil Ted and Ikari) with bizarre fantasies of refusing fame in favour of playing Butlins for the rest of my life. I'm also a lyricist/poet, short story writer, whinger, smoker and general loud-mouth. Got a taste for Anime, proper music (what do YOU call proper???) and a general dislike for most people in my town. They're slack-jawed apes and pregnant 13-year olds! I one day hope to make music for a living, meet a fine lass that won't break my blackened heart and mostly, want shitloads of money to train an army or Bertie Bassetts to turn my enemies Bertie... oh, and I'm a Brit. Great.

So, how's you?
I know I believe in nothing,
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