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Introduction of my ideas

Because i can't think of any introduction that could make me shine, so ill just let a few thoughts spread on this thread. "Nothing i say will make you like me"-Some writer i can't remember

Death as a real end or a curse

Death, more what comes after, is depicted in religion, modern or old. They say that a life after death is in another body or in the promised land.
To be resurrected in another body would be frustrating if you know it or not. It is almost like getting up in the morning and you can't remember anything and have to learn every single piece of knowledge again. The idea would be tiresome. Especially when there is a god involved. Do you believe that as a wolf you can forsake eating meat and then degrading in the other life. It's an endless, nerve wrecking circle.
Your soul endures death and goes to heaven. I, myself would be in utter torment, no touch will ever reach my soul, i would never be in blissful ecstasy, no tastes or smells, my eyes wouldn't ever reach a woman in her prime. I would beg for a touch of pain. Memories would be unbearable. Nothing holy would satisfy me. Or can we even feel those feelings
When our bodies die, wouldn't our souls and minds, which are productions of the body, as well? A bleak future without any pain or pleasure. There would not be souls or minds that would analyze it. One body, one soul and one mind, in the timeline that spans tens of thousands of human lives.

Short and not my best but enough to give a glimpse of what i could write. Please give your honest opinions.
Ideas for future articles would be welcome.
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