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Originally Posted by Chaos Creator View Post
Actually, it's quite acceptible. I'm working on getting an adult section, and having to jump through all kinds of hoops. It sucks. I can totally see why Garg decided not to fuck with it.
i meant it's unfeesible to insist that a webforum full of people from all over the planet, with a changable list of members, to have documentation from each of said members so they can get into the restricted sections--for whatever reason those sections may be restricted.

this baffles me--i don't frequent paid porn sites, but i'm quite sure they don't require a copy of your birth certificate for membership. Or maybe i'm wrong. But, that seems like it would cut down on business.

i don't know, maybe i'm just out dated... but, it seems to me that the more buerocratic nonsense we stuff the internet with, the less you can actually hope to gather from it.

Call me goofy--most people do--but i personally think that the people who post/look should be held accountable for what they post or look at, not the people who "allowed it to happen". ::shrug::
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