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Strange >:] hello

so... anyone have a myspace? and yeah i guess here is my "about me" thingy hehe .... a list of things i enjoy...

~Make up
~helping others
~Video Games!!!
~Gothic style
~Star Gazing
~The craft(magic yums ^-^) ~Fantasy
~Meeting new friends
~Writing poetry/ mangas


~Night time/Moonlight
~Meow Mix
~Kissing in the rain :]
~being completely akward
~Monster drinks and starbux
~80s Bitch
~London/Norway/Sweden..forgotten beauty
~Cosplay..anime style ^-^
~Role play..
~Morning fog
~AZN Culture
~Bitting people
~Being Bitten :]muahahahaha
~Industrial fun
~Penguins :]
~The Color Purple/Black
~Being Random
~Being sillly!!
~Tim Burton Movies
~independent films
~Studying Philosophy/ unknown
~Cold Weather
~Ancient Egypt
~Long Hair
~Sexy librarians ;] lol
~Creating Films
~Brown/Blue Eyes
~Hot Coco
~The Beautiful People
~Leather Boots

~lucid dreaming/astral projection

~My Ipod

and many more....:].

i cant really think at the moment.... im hungry ^-^'''

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