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Rules (READ ME)

These are the basic rules. Follow them and you will be fine.

On Topic All posts will remain on topic, and be posted in the correct forum. Please do not make posts containing no content (ie, "first post," "hello,", "random smilie", any catchphrase, or something else completely void of meaning). These just litter up the forums and with over 1,000,000 posts and ~10000 registered users, we need to eliminate these as much as possible. If you do not like a thread, then just vote it a "1" and move on; replies consisting solely of trolling fall into this category.

Forum/Server Attacks Don't mess with the forums, the server, or any user on the forums. If you post a malicious link (any URL with spy ware or code designed to annoy people) you will be banned. Do not vote spam a thread with your friends because you don't like the person who posted it; this makes the voting feature useless. Do not make plans to annoy / destroy other forums.

Respect We do not require you to agree with the views of other members of this site including the administration. However, all members are required to show a reasonable amount of respect. Any Member who attempts to mimic another Members account will be immediately banned without notice.
Please do not harass or intentionally annoy the mods. If they ask you to do something, please do it. Mods are volunteers who keep sanity and order here. If you do not like the mods or the moderation here, then feel free to not post here.

Attacks Verbal attacks will be tolerated to a point. If your attack is on topic and furthers the discussion then, and not result in a flame war, it will remain. Please do not post others' personal information (phone number, addresses, emails, etc.). Try to stay out of other peoples' personal lives as well. Keep in mind there's a good distinction between the Internet and real life.

Contained Conflict (Bitch Board): Keep all flamewars and other arguments in the bitch board. You cannot post illegal material, harass others by posting their personal information or nude photos, spam thread subject lines to break the forum tables, harass any admins or mods, or start forum invasions in Bitch Board.

Spam Any member caught spamming this message board or persons email will be banned permanently. There is a proper place to promote your website, band or concert.

Your Account Only one person may use a forum account. Account sharing is a bannable offense, so please keep your password secure.

Adult Content Do not post any illegal images or else you will be banned.

Image / File Rules: Keep all images work-safe. (As a general rule, ask yourself "would my mother and boss be comfortable viewing this image?" when posting outside of Adult boards and/or Bitch Board)

Image size and linking. Keep all images smaller than 800 pixels horizontal and 600 pixels vertical. Make sure all images are hosted on your own webspace or on a server that ALLOWS hotlinking. We do not approve of bandwidth leeching and forcing other people to pay for your images.

No warez, no cracks, no CD codes, no illegal programs that are used to either crack software or perform any malicious activity.

Signatures With some of the members of this site only having a dial up account, we request that your signatures DO NOT exceed 400 pixels wide and 125 pixels high. Images much not be more than 30 kb in file size. This is including text and images. Make sure that they do not contain and flash or quick time media or ANY embedded files.

Avatars - Please keep these images non-pornographic (no nipples, no genitalia), either photos or images containing such will not be allowed, and with in 150x150 pixels (preset limit)

Copyright All material posted by a member are considered copyrighted and the property of said member. Such copyrighted material may not be quoted, reposted or taken without the expressed and written permission of said member. This includes any written or artistic expressions.

Private Messages - All PMs from Members are considered private and not to be shared in public. If you are receiving PMs that are harassing you should forward the PM to a Super Moderator for review

Catchall Rules: Please do not try to cleverly circumvent some rule listed here. These rules are general guidelines and are very flexible.

Any broken rules could result in warning or immediate banning. We also reserve the right to remove your account without warning or reason. If you are warned, please take it seriously as you will only be warned once. Please respond to all warnings in a PM in an adult and civil manner. If you have any issues with the decision of a moderator please take it up with a Super Moderator, or Administrator and it will be looked at openly and with no bias. Finally, the administration is here by donation only. Without the time and money of the website owner, we would not have this place in which to post our ideas, or pieces of work. So please show some respect to the administration for the work that they do to keep this website up and running for your enjoyment.

This is an amendment:

If you get a warning, you get a certain number of points based on that warning:

post related:
-worthless post 2pts / warn maturity 5 days
-trolling and attacking 4pts / 10 days
-spam 10pts / 99999 days (=permaban)
-extreme trolling 10pts / 99999 days (=permaban)

non post related:
-oversize sig 3pts / 5 days
-multiple accounts 10pts / 99999 days (=permaban)

At 10 points you're temp banned (or suspended, whatever) (I believe you're still able to post on the bitchboard and/or darkness though.)

The points stay on for the length of the point maturity. So, if you're warned for trolling and get 4 pts, those points will automatically be removed in 10 days. (and so on) If you get a bunch of warnings, the points may or may not add up to 10. Regardless the points will only stay on the length of their maturity.

In the case of spammers, extreme trolling, and multiple accounts (created to annoy or harass, not specifically if you just have another username) they automatically get 10 points... so automatic ban, and those points don't come off for 99999 days (nearly 274 years) so, as you can imagine, that would be a permaban.

The only people we want to register accounts are those who really want to be here and will respect the rules and other forum members.
There will be addendum's to this.
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