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Rant Men are all stupid?

Have you ever noticed how men are so often portrayed on TV lately? Every single time I turn it on, there's some man with his tail between his legs, doing his wife's bidding. Or, he's doing something stupid, inconsiderate, and immature. The man is always laying around drinking beer, or out cheating on his wife, or coming up with retarded antics like Lucy used to. The woman is always working hard, taking care of the kids, and rescuing him from his dilemmas.

Is it feminism that is turning all this around? On TV, are men becoming the dingbats that women used to be?

I wonder how my daughter's view of men will be changed, seeing all this. Most male characters on TV are just dumb. The women are in power and the men never do anything to command any respect from anyone, especially not their female counterparts.
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