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So, I've only had one friend that's a girl for years and years. I just don't get along with other women, apparently. Her name is Kristal and we've been friends since childhood.

Kristal and I had a falling out awhile back, and actually didn't talk for several months. It was a lot of little things adding up, plus lots of stress in both our lives... I guess we needed a break.
My fiance was kindof upset about this, because Kristal's husband is one of his best friends. They also have known each other since childhood, and went to school together. It was uncomfortable for us to get together as couples like we used to, because Kristal and I weren't getting along.

During this time, Kristal and I would see each other casually, like at mutual friends' parties and such. We weren't rude or anything, just avoiding each other but being polite when we had to. One of these parties was New Year's - we all met at the same bar. While we were all celebrating, something happened.

Kristal's husband started talking to me, and basically propositioned me. He said that his wife and my fiance need never know. Well, I was really drunk and I didn't say no, but I didn't say yes. We talked about it a bit and he started telling me about all the other times he's done it and she doesn't know.

Well, when I woke the next morning, sober, I felt terrible about how I'd reacted. I was ashamed - I should've been angry, I should've slapped him, I should've made very clear that it wasn't gonna happen. Anyway, I immediately told my fiance what was said, and how bad I felt.

So now Kristal and I have made up, and we are friends again. It is so nice to have a female to chat with, and we've been talking almost every day. She keeps inviting us over, trying to plan a get-together somehow, but I keep saying no. I keep making excuses. My fiance won't hear of it. He's seriously pissed, feels betrayed, etc. He refuses to even be in the same room with this guy, and I guess I can't blame him.

I don't know what to tell Kristal. If I keep refusing invitations without reason, she'll surely be hurt. Besides, how can we keep any kind of friendship going if we can never see each other? She only lives 15 miles away, and I'm running out of excuses.

Should I have kept my mouth shut and just let it go? What if the poor guy was just drunk and talking shit?
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