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so very confused

Ok maybe you guys could give me some insight on this. As most of you know.. I found out Thursday the 7th that my husband wants a divorce. We have since talked everything out and I now know for sure it is over. In a way I really got the closure that I needed. It still hurts but I can take it now. Well, he has obviously moved on... and we are continuing to be friends like we used to be. It is actually working suprisingly.

Well, my friend Chris that I have known since 2003 admitted to me on Saturday that he has liked me since then. We did try to be together a couple years ago but I was underage and my father threatened him lol. But now, he has asked me out on a date for Friday. I have explained to him that I am getting out of a really bad relationship and that I need time to become independent first before I can be serious again. I need to focus on getting a job so I can go to college. He knows what I have been through with Keith and that I need time but he is still coming on real strong. I DO have feelings for him but now that I am just getting out of this relationship I am confused and know that if I jump into this too fast I will sabatoge (sorry cant spell it) it and hurt him. And honestly, he is really sweet and I know that when and if I am ready he will treat me so great but until then ... how am I supposed to go about this?

I guess what I am asking is what is your guys' opinions. It would really be helpful to have some outside feedback.
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