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So i'm new.. but i might not be. And i'm Scottish, sort of.

So i log into my hotmail and i have an e-mail from some guy called Sanjay who says he has taken over DarkForums. I think... "what are DarkForums and why am i getting e-mails from them..." so i check out the thread where Sanjay introduces himself and what can i say... first impressions are everything, right?!... Well apparently not because i'm still here.

I am a 22 year old female from Edinburgh. Apparently i've been a member since 2002 but i don't recall. My sign-in name is terrible, Scarlet Vixen?! What was i thinking! Obviously a 16 year old's idea of being an alluring e-person. I love making money, so i must be corporate - i better watch my back in here. Oh and i don't cut myself.

Can i stay?
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